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Associação Fortunée de Picciotto was created with a simple purpose in mind: to provide world class dental care to the largest possible number of underprivileged children, completely free of charge.

This project has come to fruition because of the dedication of a visionary businessman, who has teamed up with two highly-skilled and committed dentistry teachers. They have assembled a team of industry leaders; people that currently treat of thousands of underprivileged children and families in vulnerable situations, referred by dozens of local philanthropic institutions. They have also personally funded the project to date, investing in technology, equipment, infrastructure, and training to render high quality services.

It is our honor and pride to take on this project, which reinforces our belief that a better world is worth investing in every day.


Promoting the most effective pedodontic care, from prevention to treatment, to underprivileged children from 2 to 16 years, to ensure their oral health indefinitely, free of charge. 

Ensuring the highest quality service during all stages of the dental treatment.

Teaching prevention through a professional team that is committed to results. 

Ultimately, making a significant positive difference in the lives of every child in need that walks through our doors. 


Unrelenting kindness, affection, and respect to all families and children that entrust us with their needs for support and treatment. 

Daily expectation of excellence in the quality of services provided, by sharing creative ideas to ensure effective and responsible management and care. 

Dedication and love in all that we do, knowing that we can offer a real improvement in the oral health and self-esteem of the children treated. 

Constant effort to improve our team and the services we provide.


Vivian de Picciotto does not have good memories of his dental treatments as a child in Lebanon. 

When he became a successful businessman in Brazil, he promised himself he would do everything he could to help underprivileged children avoid the trauma he experienced himself. 

Inspired by the philanthropic actions of his mother, Fortunée de Picciotto, a person who always helped those in need, Vivian de Picciotto spoke with two friends - Prof. Dr. Marco Antonio Bottino and Prof. Dr. Francisco Todescan -, about implementing his vision:

“I have an empty industrial shed. Would you help me build a dental practice there so that I can treat kids in need?”

They promptly agreed to help him on this mission, offering much needed medical expertise, while Vivian brought special references for setting up a walk-in-clinic for children, using concepts he picked up in Israel, where he helps with other charitable projects. In 2009, Associação Fortunée de Picciotto was born. 

Mrs. Fortunée De Picciotto

The dimension of Vivian’s dream was drawn at the very start: he wanted to ensure that their project had a strict commitment to the highest quality in every regard. For that to happen, it would be necessary to hire the best professionals to design and transform his empty industrial space into a place where his vision could flourish to its highest potential. 

Ambiente Amigo Arquitetura, specialized in designing unique health clinics, was hired to take on this highly anticipated project. Dr. André Fogelman, an engineer and friend of Vivian de Picicotto, was chosen to implement the newly-created concept.

Between licenses, protocols, approvals from different entities, permits, flood-proof floor placing, hydraulic and electrical projects, purchase of infrastructure and technology, studies of treatment and operation logistics, recruitment of financial/management teams and dental surgeons specialized in children’s dental care (pedodontics), many years went by and several challenges were overcome.

About us
The inspiration


The dental practice of Associação Fortunée de Picciotto opened its doors in August of 2014, with world-class technical quality: state of the art equipment and materials, supporting scientific evidence, biosafety protocol to storage material and waste, personal training, professionals with excellent curriculums, and a wide and comfortable space, just like the best dental practices and offices around the world. 

Wide reception with plenty of space, which is often used for educational theater shows for children; wheelchair ramp

Trial office – for diagnosis and recommendation of proper treatment

Internal reception desk for appointment scheduling

Six dental offices for clinical care

Our Facilities






1st year


2nd year


3rd year


4th year


until september

5th year





Periodontal disease in Brazil has a social profile. 

Every day, the dental practice of Associação Fortunèe de Picciotto treats several kids with dental cavities. The most frequent cases share a common cause: a diet rich on sugar combined with the lack of oral hygiene, which tends to result in vulnerable and often already lesioned teeth. 

Low education and socioeconomic levels are directly correlated with subpar preventative measures as a habit, and a dire need for treatment. 

Several types of dental treatments are provided: 

• Baby tooth root canal 

• Dental crown 

• Recovery (early cavity) 

• Teaching hygiene (brushing teeth) 

Cavities are a social disease in Brazil! 

“For this reason, we adopted a multifactor criterion for cavities: we treat them, but we also help families adopt new dental hygiene habits.” 

Dr. Ronilza Matos, responsible for the selection of the dentists 

“We identify patients with higher risks of developing cavity and we suggest specific preventative treatments to the child’s parents. Our target population is always at a higher risk and, for this reason, in addition to treatment we must also encourage prevention through education.“

Before Day 1: 

The Associação Fortunée de Picciotto is frequently visited by many philanthropic institutions that, after being registered, refer underprivileged families to receive free dental care at its location. 

Day 1: Pre-Selection

We talk to the child’s guardian to identify the family’s socioeconomic profile. We then schedule the initial dental care trial. 

Day 2: Evaluation & Treatment 

The children are sent for evaluation, where they receive a diagnosis and an individual treatment plan, and are assigned a dentist. 

On the second day, while waiting at the reception, all children receive a snack, watch an educative theatre play about the importance of taking care of their teeth, and then go to the brushing area, guided by a professional.



Vivian de Picciotto 

Businessman, Founder and President of Associação Fortunèe de Picciotto and of its Dental Practice.

Prof. Dr. Marco Antonio Bottino

Graduated in Dentistry from Universidade Estadual Paulista Júlio de Mesquita Filho (1968) and received his doctorate in Dentistry (Integrated Clinic) from Universidade de São Paulo (1970). Full Professor at Universidade Estadual Paulista Júlio de Mesquita Filho.

General Coordinator of the Associação Fortunèe de Picciotto’s Pedodontics Practice.

Board of Directors

Paola de Picciotto

Flávia de Picciotto Terpins

Paula Benbassat

Koji Kubota



Brazil has some of the most progressive child protective policies in the world. However, it is in dire need of public policies to fight and overcome inequality.

We do not need to wait, however. We can take actions into our own hands. Some private initiatives, aware of the need for solidarity and effective actions, have put a lot of effort into cooperating to reduce the number of problems created by extreme poverty. Associação Fortunèe de Picciotto is proud to count itself among these. 

Despite a great and promising start, we have the ability, organization, willingness and infrastructure in place to accomplish much more. All we need are generous partners from the private sector that can provide us with the necessary resources to continue growing this dream, and help make it self-sustainable. 

Let’s do it together?
The future


Where we are

335 Visconde de Taunay St

São Paulo, SP - 04143-030 - Brazil 

 +55 11 3284-1484

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